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April 10, 2013

Go to   for excerpts of the below mentioned; in the DNA After Hours feature.

India is one of the worst 5 countries when it comes to cyber bullying among school and college students around the world as per Microsoft and Ipsos surveys last year & as per symantec 80% parents know about it and do nothing about it.

So there are multiple aspects of bullying viz cyber bullying which are extremely difficult to deal with.

Perhaps I could explain this in detail over phone consultation but to give a birds eye view; the major problems rise because of loopholes in the IT act, Juveniles Justice act, & IPC.

Available laws

  • Section 66 A of IT Act : The act penalizes — sending false and offensive messages through communication services ( you can find a copy of the act on IT Actt website ) The communications services include emails, social media PUNISHMENT : upto 3 years jail & penalty. – Examples – Arrest on demeaning facebook posts on Bal Thakrey & Tweets against Chiddambaram’s Son.
  • Prohibition of Ragging Act, ( incl. amendments) —- Ragging comes under a special section under the IPC ( Indian Penal Code) with this, all ragging/ bullying case victims can register an FIR ( first information report) directly or via the institutes at any police station & the case shall be investigated under criminal justice system.
  • UGC Regulations : Colleges/ institutes have strict regulations and compliance to follow to report instances and complaints by victims within 24 hours with an FIR.
  • DMCA reporting – Offensive content can directly reported to the site admins and there is a provision that offensive content can be removed within a few hours. ( – check slide 7 – 10 – also applicable in case of offensive content )

Prevention system

  • Government public service ads
  • Posters
  • Anti Raggigng cells in Institutes
  • NGOs like SAVE & CURE

Coming back to Confession pages these are the problems that I believe hinder punishment in any of this so far

  • Confessions Pages post anonymously – Lack of cyber cells prevent the system to look into individual complains
  • Lack of reporting of Incidences
  • Parent support to their children in such bullying cases, most of these are ignored by families and students go into depression.
  • Self monitoring – need to become more careful of interactions online & need to be sure who can possibly post a particular thing ( FIR against an accused by the victim gives faster results)
  • Literacy of DMCA among social media user is required. ( – check slide 7 – 10 – also applicable in case of offensive content )
  • Juveniles Justice act : Students under 18 will come under this and it is extremely difficult to bring the guilty to to justice. ( while there is no provision for safeguarding the children victims)
  • Lack of cyber help lines, internet savvy judges in India

Possible Cure

  • Strict vigil by the institutes : Institutes can easily bring down this pages by monitoring & registering an FIR for unlawful use of the Institute name
  • Protection & counselling of Cyber bullying victims
  • legal infrastructure to combat core issues of cyber crimes
  • Laws to ensure safety and prevention of ragging and bullying in schools

This is a high level point by point explanation of causes, prevention, cures, laws and policies.

I can give an in depth insight and step by step procedures to lodge complains, lodge DMCA, reporting on facebook & social media and other channels and using Sec 66(a) for victims redressal if any of you needs further information.

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