So i thought, I am here, reviving my blog. And i thought of starting with one of my most appreciated and loved blog post. ūüôāLogo

It took two weeks for the first office computer, 1 month for the first office phone, 1 month & 10 days for the first office employee, 1 month & 12 days for the first laptop, 1 months and 2 weeks for the first client & the first setback, 1 month and 3 weeks for the first print ad for the client to be in The times of India, ¬† 3 months and 9 days for the first big break, 4 months for the 1st bad debt¬†realization, 5 months to be¬†interviewed¬†by a newspaper sub-editor for the first time, another two weeks for it to be published in a corner of the 14th page of Sunday Mid-day, Moment of satisfaction when i saw my dad keeping a laminated copy of the article and showing it to his friends – no feeling has happened to me to beat the glow on my fathers face which spoke for itself “Son I may not say that too often but I’m proud of you”¬†¬†6 months for our accounts being¬†scrutinized¬†by the service tax department for a 21 year old lad with no mustache paying taxes more than such a young¬†start Up¬†would (this was the biggest lowdown in running my own business till then), Immidiate recession and cutting of promotional budgets by everyone, ¬†1 year and 7 months for the first celebrity activity, 2 years & 8 months for the first business phone and things that were important and forgotten in the chaos of life.

Life is truly in all senses way bigger, better,  riskier, scarier and exciting than a roller-coaster ride.

Too many firsts are yet to happen, I think all the time what am I doing? What am i gaining? Could it be better? ¬†Though i am still the most underpaid person in my office – what i am learning is to ¬† ¬†” Struggle in Style”

My dad always tells me, Its the money that you can count in the end which tells you the real figure. Whereas i count my satisfaction and happiness along with the happiness of people who i have worked for and worked with. Money has been secondary in all this, I still know I would have earned much more money, respect & recognition if I would have been working in a good, big and famous organisation.

I remember a month or so  into the company when Shivani Mehta, my Ad-design teacher in college asked me to get media partners if i could for National colleges BMM event, we hardly had any deals in the pipeline so i said yes I will, I was just starting up and thought this could well be the platform for me to get entry to the big places, that is how I met Hitendra Merchant the big man at Idream productions office, who themselves were trying to get a funny video domain in place. We struck a deal for the BMM fest and associated with desimad for many other festivals in colleges as it was the festival season. I just pounced on this opportunity as a marketing strategy for Adeventurez, it could well be the high point, I believed i can do the setups in these colleges for their festivals the sound ramp stage printing lights tshirts and whatever they need and be known amongst these people who would soon be working in various media agencies as they all were BMM students, Which actually is still working for me, all these students are amazing friends and wherever they go they do call up if there is anything worthy of me, and we still are doing college events which were a headache for students at one time, but are now professionally managed by us or people who saw this as a lucrative opportunity after we pioneered into college events.

Also, this later got us very thick with the colleges, which helped us become a choice for everyone for college contact programs.

There are more things and ways we incorporated and became Adeventurez what we are today but i shall keep it all a secret. But why I wanted this to be known is, while all this was happening and business started kicking off for someone who started as a nobody, knowing nobody and known to nobody was gaining momentum unaware of the future and money problems, but satisfied with the randomness.

What happened was that around the same time, i got an FB inbox from Vaibhav Vishal of MTV to call him, and when i did he told me there may be a job for him, which i had asked for 5-6 months ago when i was in college. It was like a dream job to take up. But I did tell him that i have just started all this, the business is not all that great at the moment, one of my partners has left who I was¬†¬†relying on majorly, though i don’t know what I am doing and why I am doing this all, i want to give it a shot, i still remember him saying “cool, forget I just said, give It a shot and if you think you can leave this to someone else or are not satisfied you give me a call and we’ll work out something fresh” I had a feeling of being¬†honored¬†then, i don’t even know why though, I met him for the national college event partnership once and post that have not called or met him, just wish him on his birthdays, that job is still my dream ūüôā .

So, all in all there have been a lot of stories like these, some heart breaking, some mind boggling, some beautiful and some ugly.

What has been important is that i always ¬†have had a huge support of my sister Charu Ahuja, my father Balraj Ahuja, my mother Preeti Ahuja in all these ups and downs. Though papa always keeps fighting for not been good with the money part, but i know when I am not with him, to his friends and¬†colleagues he’s all praises for me. ¬†Mom is the backbone, with all the issues with my father has helped both me and papa¬†to get out of it and understand each others issues, and Charu has been like a younger brother who understands what I got¬†through¬†at all time, trust me she has even fought with dad for having issues with me, when i was crying of the stress and mental pain.

Also, there have been friends who always know how to cheer me up and do things for me Mansi Darbar, Ruchi Mehta, Neha Mittal, Jasmine Narang  have always had more trust in me than I had in myself.

Drashti Vora to an extent has been someone who took me out of my Grave, of an almost dying spirit.

Laltoo Mullah my Man-Friday has been my biggest strength at work, if it was not for him I would still be a nothing.

Then Farhad pestonji, Moushmi dhedia, Rashi aggarwal, Hanisha Melwani, Roshan Matharu, Namrata bhatia (ghanshyamdas), Nisha Lulla, Nikita Mohta, Vinita Merchant, Ankita Shah, Mahek seth, Ankit Bathija, Sidharth Vasani who have been inspiring to work together with under the same roof.

Anusuya Tandon, Archit Singhal, Anubha Bhat, Purva Dev, Saloni Hamirwasia, Niraj Sharma, Varsha Guttee, Joyeeta, Sikander Kamal, Pooja Dey,Isha Arora always been there when they were needed and more than that actually till day & forever I am sure. Manhar shaheed, Vivek Kumar, Rahul Nanda, Harsh Shah, Pritu Hait, Navin Vijan inspire me to do more though we are not able to talk often, Thus I do not get to learn more from them.

Akshay Kumar , Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson, A R Rehman,  Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza , Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Bill Gates, Dr. Vijay Mallya, Vaibhav Vishal, Lakshmi Mittal & Ratan Tata inspire me all the time.

And there was learning with Nishil & Anant, preeti aunty who could cheer me up anytime, Bhupendra uncle who told me that it is going to take time.

There have been more than the people I have named here (i might have forgotten a few very very important names) who have changed the way i look at everything and made my dream 1 step closer to reality.

There’s a long road to Travel and there is a lot to do. I don’t know how successful or unsuccessful I will be, but one thing i will know for ever that i did not give up too easy and I tried. ¬†People complain I do not speak about work with them, they think I am scared of talking about my clients or superstitious about my work or arrogant and have a bad attitude.

But if you ask people who are close to me, they know how open I am about my learning and experience, the good times and the bad times.

I am learning a lot right now, I am uncertain about the future, I do not know how good a business man I am, I know I am the son of a man who had nothing when he started and has a family and everything else he would need in life. I have my aspirations and inspirations.

You could tell me that I am not good enough, but i may not agree with you. I have me, my family, my friends who are not in numbers but in hearts and now more keep coming.

I have support from people I did not even think would share the dining table with ( read Prashant Nayak, Quamar Ahmed, ChandraShekhar, InduShekhar, )

More people are supporting me everyday, things are finally happening, and it scares me more now.

I do not drink or smoke, the work i do gives me the kick, it gives me the high i need all the time. I just want to do more work which satisfies me. I also want to make money and do more firsts like the ones i started this note with. I need more inspirations, I need a better life. I still want to be as rich as Bill Gates and live a life like Vijay Mallya, I have always wanted to, I want to be a film maker in the future, act, write, produce, edit and everything else, the whole process. I chose to struggle in my own way, with respect, the struggle i chose the ” STRUGGLE IN STYLE”

This is a loud thought, it is very emotional for me right now, this process of 2 years and 8 months has been much more than this time in numbers. In this process I made friends, I lost some friends who have always been dear to me, still are, but are disappearing in thick fog, i am trying to run through the fog but it is not that easy. I have a lot to do, I can still not figure how.

All this reminds me of two songs ACDC says It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll and the tubthumping song I get knocked down, but i get up again you are never gonna keep me down ūüôā


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