Green on the way!

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

Henry Ford


Vodafone India, and, the exclusive Indian Planting Partner for United Nation’s Environment Program’s Billion Tree Campaign, asked me to be a part of the formal launch of their joint initiative to create India’s first private wildlife corridor. This corridor is being developed between Kanha-Pench wildlife reserves by planting 3,00,000 trees over a 3-year period. The trees will be planted over 100 hectares of forest land between the two reserves.

I was in middle of my Vogue Honours 2014 campaign, travelling to 9 states in a hunt for new talents in fashion institutes. This seemed like a welcome break and a fun trip to the greens of Madhya Pradesh. Getting to meet new people is one of the most amazing things you can do when out of home.

Surprisingly though I met my college class mate Rahul Nanda at the Airport travelling with me with Adfactors’ Robin Abraham and Ankita Sinha, a travel blogger.  Later during the trip we met Amrit Vatsa, founder of, Anusha, a trekker and Rusen who runs a SCR magazine.

It was so much amazing inside of a van enroute to the Kanha-Pench corridor. I have never seen so many people living their dreams. Entrepreneurs, explorers, influencers all in one. I can easily call myself the lowest denominator in a bus full of so much cool.

Anyways though, we got to know each other well through the 4 hours bus ride up and down each and learned about their work and what they plan to do and use their new media influence to promote the efforts by Vodafone & Grow-tree.

I thought I will share what all they created to promote the Grow Tree campaign:

Amrit Vatsa

Amrit has created this amazing film with interviews of Grow-trees CEO and the local MP Vodafone team.


Ankita Sinha


Ankita,  the traveler share her experience as it happened. Her commentary of the events and the story of the locals will give you an idea on our trip, the #iPledgeATree program and the overall experience with the locals at Kanha-Pench corridor.


Rahul Nanda

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Nanda is a friend since college. He is one of the most amazing people to hang out with and a brilliant person. He made some vines that show you almost everything we did in the greens.


Anusha Subramanian

Anusha has such amazing stories, a former journalist, blogger, traveler, mountaineer, survival expert. Her stories make you a part of them. She was probably the only one of us who actually had the most relevant questions for the locals, vodafone team and the grow-tree team. She definitely packs a punch.

Rusen Kumar

Rusen, spoke about his experience and writing about CSR efforts of corporates like  the one above.


All in all this was a tour where I met amazing people,  Learned about jabalpur and Kanha-Pench reserve up-close, and got myself ready for an amazing trip that followed after i pledged a tree.